¨Super Cool¨ Ventilation Systems

  • Productivity in poultry houses is directly related to the comfort.

  • Ventilation purifies the environment , displaces ammonia , CO2 and polluted air and toxic germs .

  • Counteracts the harmful and adverse effects of heat, reducing mortality, typical of the final stage of growth and fattening of birds.

  • Set of 3 and 6 pallets with propeller blade centers manufactured in engineering plastics to ensure maximum efficiency and durability.

  • Lightweight plastic elements that added to a tight fit, minimize the chances of vibration and therefore longer duration of the fan.

Optimal relationship between consumption and flow supplied.

Technical Information
- Engine 1/2 and 3/4 HP at 1075 RPM fully closed .
- Phase -Phase or 220 V.
- 3 or 6 propeller blades with precise alignment and balancing.
- Flow 10000 CFM at 0.10 " for 3 pallets.
- Flow 12500 CFM at 0.10 " for 6 blades.
- Constant training.
- Useful for direct ventilation or work with the evaporative cooling system.