Niple drinkers ¨Aqua Plus¨

Multi direction start of 360 degrees.

  • Alphex ® Nipple drinkers are designed to supply clean water for the entire cycle. Thanks to the closed water system, hygiene is optimal which dramatically improves the atmosphere of the house. Having no water spill, bedding stays dry. There are always enough available points to drink water throughout the occupied space. Nipples are closed by a stainless steel ball and a pin in stainless steel seats. No rubber closures.

Technical Information
- High precision Regulator.
- The system includes water meter and filter unit per house.
- The water conducting tube is square and very thick walls.
- Stabilizing and anti-perch aluminum piping system.
- Stainless steel nipple with plastic body from 50ml/min to 100 ml / min.
- Hoist winch system.