The Alphex ® nests are ideal for collecting eggs exceptionally effective in sheds, for heavy breeders, light breeders and layers on the floor and in liberty.

Adaptive distribution blocks (two stories - two faces) assures maximum efficiency in the use of space. His hangers facilitate access of hens to nests.

The birds move freely across the surface of the house, including the space under the nests.

Plastic floor easy to remove and incorporate for proper maintenance and cleaning.

The adaptation and adjustment of the floor space of the nest, prevents waste or loss of the bed material.

Plastic floor guarantees maximum durability since it does not rot or deteriorate, as with the metal floor.

Technical Information Commercial Reproductive
- Spots:
- Width:
- Total Hight:
- Nest
2 m.
163 m.
30x25 cm
2.10 m.
163 m.
30x30 cm