Automatic feeder

Dish with dual operating alternative for receiving chicks:

- Feed through flooding.

  • The internal V-shaped flange makes the food stay in the place where the birds eat easily and comfortably avoiding stale food conglomerates that not being consumed decomposes and loses nutritional properties.

  • Easy installation and cleaning. Opening the keys to fixing the plate, it is removed for proper cleaning thereof.

  • The Maxifin ® dual-platter system has higher security control. One is adjustable anywhere on the line for the hosting of the chicks in a warehouse.

  • Automation in campus for fattening, hens and chick breeding.

Technical information
- Plate of 332 mm in diameter.
- Polypropylene material with UV protection.
- Initiation Hopper : 100 kg. capacity.
- Control Plate mechanical type movable or movable.
- Sinfin with 10 years warranty.